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Surgical Recovery Accomodations

A resource to find appropriate accomodations in Costa Rica for the privacy to recover from the post operative effects of surgical operations.

chetica recovery spa

Chetica Ranch

In beautiful Costa Rica, our family-managed recovery retreat has long been favored by both physicians and patients for providing a high level of quality care, with 17 years of experience in the medical field.Ruben and Lorena

Each patient's well equipped cottage, refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, 5 gallons mountain spring drinking water, reclining chair, large beds, LP gas wall heaters and also included a Hill-Rom fully automatic Hospital bed, oversees more than 80 acres of tropical flowers, fruits, and mountains. Recovery is facilitated by the cool, clean air as well as the tranquil setting.

Our well trained and experienced staff provides knowledgeable and caring support for all your needs, with our resident nurse attending to your questions, wounds, stitches, medicines, hygiene, and acting as a liaison with your physician.

Our cooks provide delicious meals that are designed for recovery and continued wellness. Our drivers are available for each and every medical appointment and are in constant communication with the doctors' administrative offices. And speaking to your loved ones for additional support is only a free Internet or free phone call away.

Once recovery is underway, you can select the amount of camaraderie or privacy you would like; whether to explore our grounds, take a walk to the river, or stay indoors; and whether you will want your meals in your room or in our social dining room.

Our 32inch televisions have cable and DVD capacity, with a wide range of movies available from our library, as well as books and magazines for your reading pleasure. Wi-Fi is available in each room. And once recovered, you can also select to participate in one of our many in-town tours. Please visit our website for more information by clicking here.

Volare Surgery Residence:
Luxurious private surgery recovery residency. Designed for executives and individuals who want extreme privacy or who need to run their businesses while recuperating. Contact them by clicking here.

Arisis Recovery Care:
Elizabeth and Ginette will be your dedicated hosts, located in the affluent neighborhood of Escazu, minutes to downtown San José. Contact them by clicking here.

Costa Rica Health Escapes:
Free assistance to overseas visitors seeking cosmetic surgery and dental procedures in Costa Rica. Contact them by clicking here.

Out Of Bounds Lodge B&B:
Simmons Beds, Wifi, A/C, Free Breakfast and an amazing view. Contact us by clicking here.

Paradise Cosmetic Inn:
Paradise Cosmetic Inn is the best surgical recovery hotel in Costa Rica. We offer deluxe rooms, professional nursing care, as well as cosmetic and dental surgery packages. Contact us by clicking here.

Radisson Europa hotel:
This is a modern five star hotel & spa. For any question you may call their toll free number 1-800-788-7857 to speak to a consultant. If you are in Costa Rica call 011-506-256-3222

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