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If you are an English speaking medical specialist offering medical services in Costa Rica, you are invited to list here. We are also interested in listing quiet, private accomodation in Costa Rica for patients recovering from any surgery they might have. We reserve the right to decide if your listing is appropriate for this web site.

plastic surgeonsPage Listings For Medical Specialists:

Please complete the following for either a free basic listing with a link to your e-mail or a paid enhanced listing which includes your picture along with a link to your web site.









Provide up to 30 words of descriptive text for a free listing which includes a link to your e-mail address:

Provide up to 80 words of descriptive text for an enhanced listing which includes an image and a link to your choice of your e-mail or your web site. Cost is $45.00 U.S. per year.

Please Click "Submit Information" only once to register for your choice of listing. If you have chosen a paid listing, you will be contacted by e-mail to arrange a method of obtaining your image and payment.

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A full web page with an internet address of ''. This web page includes up to 600 words of text, 2 images, and 2 hyperlinks to your e-mail or your web site. Included is an enhanced introduction to your web page from an appropriate area of

  • Cost: $125.00 US per year

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Your own web site of as many pages as you require with your supplied text and your supplied images. Your internet address will be You will have a permanent e-mail address which reflects your web site name.

With your permission, we will advise and assist you in choosing an appropriate web site name. We will act as your representative in the registration of your web site name with a registrar in Canada. It will be your responsibility to pay the required fee of $25.00 US for the initial registration and $25.00 US annual fees after the second year.

Depending upon the size and number of pages required along with size and number of images, our fees include a one time charge of approximately $100.00 US per completed web page. In addition, is an ongoing charge of $400.00 US per year to host your web site. This cost includes minor changes or adjustments requested by you throughout the year.

dental surgeons web siteIncluded at no extra charge while your web site is hosted by us is an enhanced listing pointing to your web site from

cosmetic surgeons web siteRecommended, but optional is a statistical program link to provide you with monthly statistics relating to the number of visitors to your web site, along with their country of origin. One time set up charge of $100.00 US.

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